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At the end of the morning session, VN-Index gained 7.02 points, reaching 1,359.66 points; HNX-Index increased 2.13 points to 360.1 points. Market breadth ended the morning in favor of buyers with 502 gainers and 386 losers. In the VN30 basket, green dominated with 20 gainers and 10 losers.

The trading volume on VN-Index recorded in the morning session reached nearly 494 million units, with a value of more than 13 trillion dong. HNX-Index recorded a trading volume of more than 105 million units, with a trading value of more than 2.1 trillion dong.

In terms of influence on VN-Index, banking codes like TCB, VCB, VPB, MBB, OCB and VIB are still acting as main pillars for the index. On the contrary, the red color of GAS, VIC and VHM is holding down VN-Index.

With HNX-Index, IDC is the most influential stock, followed by SHB, THD and NVB. Meanwhile, PHP, PVI and MBS are the three codes with the most negative impact.

The utility industry is temporarily dropping points in the morning session. Stocks in the group traded quite bleak. GAS is down nearly 2%, TDM down 1.46%, VSH, NT2, GEG slightly down. On the upside, IDC gained 4.78%, POW and CHP only showed a slight green color.

In the mining group, coal mining stocks corrected again after good sessions. HLC plunged 9.5%, THT dropped 5%, MDC, TDN and TVD all fell more than 4%.

Regarding the industry group, agriculture – forestry – fishery is currently the fastest growing industry in the market with an increase of 2.83%. In contrast, rubber products are the industry with the strongest decline with a decrease of 1.65%.

Foreign investors net sold more than 68 billion dong on HOSE and net sold nearly 19 billion dong on HNX. In which, VIC and DGC were the two most net sold stocks on HOSE. PLC was the most net-sold by foreign investors on HNX.

10:30: Banking group agrees to increase

The indexes remained in green from the beginning of the session, until 10:30 am, VN-Index increased by nearly 6 points and traded around 1,359 points, HNX-Index was increasing by nearly 2.5 points and trading around 360 points.

The green color is still dominant in the VN30 basket with 20 gainers, 9 losers and 1 standstill. PDR shares are leading the way with a gain of more than 3%, followed by TCB, MBB and VRE. On the other side, PNJ, GAS and VHM were the biggest losers with a drop of more than 1%.

Banking stocks are trading strongly. Stocks like VPB, VCB, TCB, MBB all agreed to increase in price and positively affected the green color of VN-Index. On the other side, EIB and PGB are currently the only two stocks with a decrease of 1.2% and 3.1%, respectively.

The retail sector is also trading positively. Big man MWG gained well by nearly 1.5%, AST maintained the green color above 1%, CTF and CCI both increased slightly above reference. In contrast, FRT and HAX receded slightly.

In seafood processing, stocks are correcting slightly. ANV, FMC, CMX and VHC retreated slightly below 1%.

Opening: Optimism after breaking short-term resistance

After breaking above the short-term downtrend line at the end of the week, investors are quite positive about the prospect that VN-Index will retest the old peak in August 2021. Opening the first session of the week, VN-Index gained more than 8 points.

VN30-Index is the main factor pulling the market up, with an increase of around 1%. In the current basket, buyers are completely overwhelming with most stocks trading in positive green. Leading this increase was VPB with a positive gain of more than 2%. The news that VPBank was approved to increase its charter capital to more than 45,000 billion dong is having a good impact on this stock price. Following the rise of VPB were VRE, MBB, BVH and POW. On the downside, PNJ and VHM are the stocks that have lost the most in the basket, when they both fell more than 1%.

In terms of contribution, shares VPB, VCB and VNM are the stocks with the most positive impact on the market with a total of nearly 3 points increasing for the VN-Index. Meanwhile, VHM is dragging the market down nearly 1 point.

Securities stocks are gaining at the same time without a single drop in price at the beginning of the session. Securities stocks SSI, VND, HCM, TVC,.. are increasing slightly around 1-2%. Currently, only EVS stock is standing still.