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VN Credit Ranking's Story

VN Credit Ranking is an organization made up of financial experts who were among the first in Vietnam to collect data on business units. The group has grown, and the data and business information services they provide have become much more sophisticated and reliable; in particular, all VN Credit Ranking reports are now free of charge.
VN Credit Ranking has grown becoming a leading supplier free information about businesses in Vietnam. To assist our clients, we pursue the values of accuracy and objectivity. We tend to make better-informed business decisions that are faster and more efficient.
VN Credit Ranking is driven by four main goals: providing free reports, positioning the right businesses, financial reporting, and promoting business cooperation. Make the entire economy more transparent for all investors.
We are dedicated to retaining our leadership position through integrity and continuous improvement. Furthermore, we are constantly making efforts and implementing modern technologies in order to collect information quickly and accurately, allowing people to have a comprehensive understanding of partner companies or suppliers in order to make recommendations, wise business decisions, and collaborative efforts.

How We Developed

Formation of Bussiness Information Collection Team.
Established VBIS, the first company to provide business information in Vietnam.
Became the first and the only official member of the Asian Credit information Gateway (ASIAGATE).
Established C&R Vietnam to specialize in credit information & rating services in Vietnam.
Rebranded as VietnamCredit and released rating report on all banks operating in Vietnam.
Incorporated as Vietnam Credit Ratings JSC
More presence by participated in VCCI, VESA, FEBIS, BIIA and ACA
Launched new website, new data model of VietnamCredit Information System, open API to clients.

Our core values

Our core principles

Working Principle

Our Strengths

Positioning Company Accurately
Accurately Positioning a Business
Reduce Business Risks
Reduce the Risks of Your Business
Enable International Trade
Make International Trade Possible
Our local approach, compared to other database companies
Our local approach, compared to other database companies
The best, most up-to-date and accurate data of the highest quality
The highest quality of the best, most current and accurate data
The most experienced experts in the industry
The most skilled industry experts

Our Achievement

More 1000 Company Report
25 Years of information & rating service industry
1,200 Business Report
1,640,000 Registered Companies in Vietnam
650 Industry Report
10,500 International
Our Staffs

90 Staffs

02 offices in Hanoi; 01 office in Ho Chi Minh City


25% of employeers have experience over 10 years

25 Employees: 0 - 5 years

50 Employees: 5 - 10 years

15 Employees: 10 - 20 years

Staff Divisions

More than 60% of employeers are Credit Reporting Staffs

60 Credit reporting staffs

08 Legal & collectors division

07 Supporting staffs

05 Sale marketers

05 IT staffs


More than 60% of employeers are proficient in English

90 Vietnamese

60 English

2 French

1 Chinese

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Trusted by customers worldwide

Credit insurers, manufacturers, distributors, investment fund managers, bankers, auditors, lawyers, and others from all around the world were among our clients worldwide.